Common Electronic Cigarette Problems and How to Fix Them?

Posted by ecigforlife on 11th Apr 2018

Vaping is considered a fun activity. You should enjoy vaping thoroughly, whether you want to get a dose of nicotine or you just want to experiment with different flavours.

But, sometimes, people face a few vaping issues. Whether it is an issue with the vaping device or an issue with the vaping techniques, it can take away the fun of vaping.

So, understand the potential vaping problems and get some idea about how to resolve the common vaping issues. So, how about exploring these issues today and finding some really simple solutions? Let's check them out!

Troubleshoot All Your E-cig Issues to Enjoy Vaping

Let's find out the simple solutions to some of the common problems that you may be facing while you vape.

Problem #1: Your e-cigarette is leaking

Solution: There can be many reasons behind it. But, in many cases, the e-cigs leak when you find missing or damaged O-rings inside it. Also, leaking can occur if your e-cig tank is squeezed enough or you are using an e-juice that is causing damage to your tank. Regardless of these reasons, a leaky tank is very easy to fix if you avoid the above issues. Moreover, by doing a bit of investigation yourself, you can even find the leak issue easily and fix it on your own.

Problem #2: You are not able to taste the flavour from your e-cigarette

Solution: In some cases, a problem with your e-cig device can cause a lack of flavour. But in general, if you are unable to taste the flavour, it is due to a condition called vape tongue. It occurs when you use one specific flavour too often. Hence, your taste buds get used to it which is why you aren't able to recognize the other flavours. The vape tongue issue can be solved by trying a new flavour for a while before getting back to the one you have been using.

Problem #3: You are not getting enough vapour when you vape your e-cigarette

Solution: If you are facing this issue of not getting enough vapour while vaping, you can switch to an e-juice having a higher concentration of vegetable glycerine. This may help you to get enough vapour, the way you desire.

Problem #4: You feel a burnt taste in your vapour

Solution: This can be because of two reasons: you have either not given your wick enough time to absorb e-juice after refilling your tank or your coil needs a replacement. In both the cases, you will have to adjust your coil in order to get rid of the burnt taste.

Problem #5: You are unable to keep your e-cig battery charged for long

Solution: In order to vape, it is quite essential that your e-cigarette's battery is functional. Regardless of how frequently you change your coil or how tasty is your e-juice, you will not be able to enjoy it with a dead battery. Hence, it is always advisable to use a correct charger while charging your vaping device. Also, keep your charging connections clean on a regular basis. If everything looks good and still you are unable to get a full charge, it is best to consider a battery replacement.

Problem #6: Your e-cigarette is gurgling when you use it

Solution: If you hear this gurgling sound while you vape, it states clearly that your e-cigarette is overfilled with the e-juice. All you need to do is remove some e-juice from your tank to get that silent vaping experience back.

Problem #7: You are not getting a throat hit when you vape

Solution: It is not necessary that throat hits are enjoyed by one and all, but if you belong to that group who are inclined towards getting a good throat hit, but aren't getting it while you vape, try switching to an e-juice with a higher propylene glycol (PG) level. This will give you a throat hit, but if that doesn't work, think about upgrading your vape device.

Problem #8: You are getting too much of throat hit while you vape

Solution: While the vapers do enjoy some throat hits, there are also other instances where these hits leave them with sore throats. If you are feeling the latter, you must stop using e-juices with high PG levels. You must also check your coil's condition and consider a replacement if needed. In addition, you should be cautious about your vaping technique and reduce the amount of vapour your e-cig is producing.

Problem #9: You suck e-juice into your mouth almost every time you vape

Solution: The most apparent reason behind it is that you are sucking on the tip of your e-cig too hard while you vape or you are vaping at strange angles that are literally pouring e-juice into your mouth. Avoid this and ensure you do not attempt to inhale vapour too quickly or overfill the tank.

Problem #10: You are suffering from specific side effects, like dehydration and light-headedness while you vape

Solution: You can avoid this situation by following certain ways that involve carrying around a water bottle to drink throughout the day and avoiding lengthy vaping sessions. But, with some trial and errors, you will have to find out how to vape without bringing on occasional side-effect.


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