Does your eliquid contain poo??!!!

16th Jan 2019

Does your eliquid contain poo??!!!

So, you’ve made the switch from ciggies to vaping after finding it is been

suggested by Public Health England that vaping is at least 95% safer, and this

week you’ve had calls and Facebook messages from family and friends having a

laugh and telling you you’re vaping and poo!! Yuck!!

In a 9 news article this week with the headline “Acutely toxic: Poo and pesticides

found in e-cigarettes”, readers were informed that in a study of 10 unnamed

nicotine free eliquids, (not e-cigarettes) from unnamed sources, and unnamed

brands and unnamed retailers, an unnamed amount contained “by-products of

animal or human bodily functions” and all of them contained a known ingredient

found in pesticides.

The quantities of the chemicals found in each eliquid were not listed, nor was a

comparison to the amount found in traditional cigarettes. Either way, I’m sure

we’d all agree, human or animal poo and pesticides are not even something you’d

want to be in the same room as yet alone inhaling!

The obvious click bait headline does not correlate very well to the actual article

with the only mention of said poo in the form of a quote stating “we also found

other things – by products of animal or human bodily functions” which if you dig

further, is related to a compound called 2‐Amino‐octanoic acid. Which if you

look up yourself is an amino compound found occasionally in human urine.

So evidence of actual poo is unclear, but it certainly makes for a good headline!

Either way, it is clear however, that in the manufacturing or bottling of some

eliquids, traces of human or animal body functions have made their way into

peoples eliquids.

The ingredient found in pesticides is a chemical called 2-Chlorophenol. There is

no mention of how or why 2-Chlorophenol was present in eliquids and as the

article mentions, it is “acutely toxic” yet they made no efforts to advise us which

brands of eliquid were tested! You would think that an apparent public health

warning would do exactly that and name and shame the actual brands of eliquid

to help us avoid buying and inhaling them.

Looking at the actual study performed by “The Medical Journal Of Australia”, the

origin of these eliquids varied, with some from China, some from the U.S, some

from Australia and some unknown.

I think the biggest take away from this sensational headline is that there is a

minefield of cheap and nasty eliquids in the un-regulated Australian market with

poor practices, unclean environments and cheap and nasty ingredients making

their way into our eliquids and, that the media in question, don’t really care

about informing on specifics, only to sell newspapers or get clicks and shares on

their article.

In the actual study which you can find here you can see the methods of testing

used was gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in which the pure chemicals

are separated, identified and measured. Here at ecigforlife, we are proud to stock

eliquids that have had this exact method used for testing before sale. Our award-

winning manufacturer tests for pesticides, carcinogenic Poly Cyclic Aromatic

Hydrocarbons ’s and nitrosamines to show no detection.

Unfortunately, not all Australian or even international suppliers stock similarly

tested eliquid and even more shockingly, some retailers sell eliquid that is made

by them in any condition and environment they see fit, with no regulation

whatsoever in how and where they make and bottle their eliquids. It’s no

wonder there are by products of human bodily functions present.

With a lot of vaper’s trying to save a little extra, despite already saving money

compared to smoking, they are making the choice to buy the cheapest eliquids

they can find. Vaper’s often don't stop to ask themselves why the eliquid is so

cheap. Retailers need to make money so if you are buying a $10 bottle of eliquid

think about how much it costs to get made. Think about the corners they cut, the

quality of the base components and the quality of the flavorings. Just like junk

food, it costs less to use chemicals that may be safe in small quantities but over

time may cause health problems, the same goes for eliquids. You may think that

vaping cheap and nasty is better than smoking but I think you’ll find that puffing

on poo, pesticides or carcinogenic compounds regularly found in eliquids are not

something you want to inhale.

If you want to vape the right way and you want quality eliquids then deal with a

reputable company that is available to actually speak to and educate. Retailers

hiding behind a website with no option to call and speak to a real human makes

it easier to just sell whatever is cheap. In today’s market, it is normal to shop

online and compare prices and go for the cheapest option. That may be great for

a TV or a T-shirt but eliquids are something you inhale! Ecigarettes are

something you choose to use, as you believe it to be better than smoking, so why

skimp out on an eliquid when you were paying so much for ciggies? Eliquids are

not apples for apples, one eliquid called tobacco is not the same as another, there

are hugely varying qualities in the eliquid market and you should want the best,

otherwise you midas well smoke!

Ecig For Life is available 7 days a week from 8am – 9pm 7 days a week and we

are more than happy to answer your questions and to guide you to some of the

worlds highest quality eliquids. Give us a call on 0418316209 or check out oureliquids here.

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