7 Myths about E-Cigarettes That You Should Stop Believing

Posted by ecigforlife on 18th Apr 2018


Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. If you are working on quitting smoking but still craving for tobacco cigarettes, an e-cigarette can be a great help.

We understand, at this stage, you may have few doubts and questions about how effective and healthy the e-cigarettes are. You probably must have come across a few popular myths about e-cigarettes (most of which are incomplete or early studies).

So, lets’ clear the dust and tell you a few facts about the e-cigarettes before you switch to vaping.

Debunking the Myths About E-Cigarettes

In this post, we will debunk the most common myths about electronic cigarettes with the actual facts. So, then you can make an informed decision.

Myth 1: E-cigarettes Are Unsafe

Fact: Some ecigs have been proven to be unsafe, however recent studies from the UK show that high-quality e-cigarettes, when used correctly, can be up to 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. The majority of the e-cigarettes contain common products that are used in our daily lives. Most e-cigs contain vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and flavourings. Varying levels of quality of these components can be found in different eliquids, ranging from food grade, pharmaceutical grade and above pharmaceutical grade as found here.

Additionally, e-cigs can contain nicotine, however, you have the full freedom to customise and choose your own nicotine level. This is one of the major reasons why e-cigs are gaining more popularity every passing day.

Myth 2: E-cigarettes Explode And Often Catch Fire

Fact: There has never been an OEM model ecig explode. You need not worry about the issues like exploding or catching fire as long as you are using original equipment ecig’s and not clones or copies and are using your e-cigarettes responsibly and according to the manufacturer's instructions. Hence, it is best to avoid buying poor quality e-cigs.

Myth 3: E-cigs Do Not Contain Nicotine

Fact: E-cigarettes contain nicotine, but the difference is you are able to regulate the amount of nicotine concentration that you wish to have. The users who have recently switched from smoking to vaping can decide to start with a higher amount of nicotine. You can further reduce the content once you get used to the electronic cigarette. In fact, many people end up vaping with minimal to no nicotine. Please be sure to check the nicotine legality in your state or territory.

Myth 4: Electronic Cigarettes Can Cause Cancer

Fact: According to experts, a cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. The main ingredients in a cigarette are tar, and carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde.

When using high-quality eliquids such as the eliquids found here, which have been tested for known carcinogens such as nitrosamines and Poly Cyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, your exposure to these chemicals is not detected.

Therefore, vaping can definitely be a better option than smoking as they contain less to no cancer-causing substances and no tar.

Myth 5: E-cigs Are Made With Anti-Freeze

Fact: This does not hold true and any reputed e-cigs manufacturer or supplier would never encourage this practice of adding toxic chemicals to their product. A few rumours have surfaced that one of the major ingredients of the e-cigs i.e. propylene glycol is used in making anti-freeze. But, in reality, the propylene glycol is even found in foods and medications. And above all, propylene glycol is just to neutralise the harmful effects of coolants and anti-freeze.

Myth 6: E-cigs Aren't Effective For Quitting Smoking

Fact: Thousands of e-cig smokers across the world are a living proof that e-cigs are effective in quitting smoking. In the UK alone as published by Public Health England, e-cigarettes could be contributing to at least 20,000 successful new quits. But, if that's not enough, the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) released a study which concluded that e-cigarettes should be added to the list of primary tobacco harm reduction modalities. In short, e-cigs are a great alternative to smoking.

Myth 7: Vaping Can Cause Pneumonia

Fact: There is no solid evidence that proves vaping can cause pneumonia. Back in 2014, a report emerged indicating that a man in Spain caught pneumonia as a result of vaping and it scared a lot of people. Lipids entering bronchitis cause a particular type of lung inflammation called lipoid pneumonia. But, Professor Riccardo Polosa of the Institute for Internal Medicine & Clinical Immunology of the University of Catania has done countless research and interviews that say people cannot catch lipoid pneumonia from vaping.

Learn More About E-Cigarettes

It is always a good practice to research well if you are trying something new. There are numerous myths about vaping and e-cigarettes that are doing rounds worldwide. However, before actually believing in any of them, it is important to get the facts right. The right way to dismiss any myths is by understanding how e-cigarettes work.

If you want to explore the range of e-cigarettes, we offer various vaping tools and resources to learn more about e-cigs. If you don’t find an answer there, feel free to call us and have a chat about e-cigarettes and vaping.

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