7 Quick Ways To Stop Your Coil From Burning

7 Quick Ways To Stop Your Coil From Burning

Posted by ecigforlife on 24th Apr 2018

Regardless, if you are a pro vaper or a beginner in the vaping world, anyone can experience – a burnt coil. When you have a burnt coil, you might start experiencing a nasty flavour when you inhale while vaping or get a burnt smell.

You should know that your e-cig coil can get burnt if the wick is not completely dipped in the e-liquid. Hitting the fire button when the wick is dry, results in the burning of your coil.

What Can Burn A Coil?

  • Chain Vaping
  • Not breaking in your new coil/wick
  • E-liquid Selection

To help you avoid burning coils prematurely, here are 7 tips to help you.

How To Stop Coils From Burning Out?

First of all, it is essential to ensure that there’s always an adequate amount of e-juice in the tank. As most of the wicks are cotton-made, you should avoid dry burning to prevent your coil from getting burnt out permanently.

Below listed are few simple things you can do to protect your coils.

1. Always Prime Your Coils

Most coils are made up of cotton as they are the perfect medium for soaking up and holding e-juice properly. However, when you switch to a new coil or liquid, the wick is dry.

Priming your coil means getting the wick primed with e-juice before you start to heat it. If you do not prime your coil, this can lead to you burning your coil dry before you have even started to vape it. Generally coils need a few drops to prime, however some coils can require more than 10 drops. Please be sure to check with the retailer how many drops you coil needs or call us on 0418316209.

Let your liquid sit in the tank for at least few minutes prior you take your first hit and be sure to turn your wattage down if you have variable wattage.

2. Avoid Chain Vaping

If you’re someone who chain vapes, you need to hold fire! If you constantly vape on your device without giving the wick a chance to be covered with next wave of e-liquid, your coil will burn quickly. This situation can easily be avoided by taking the break between the vaping sessions. Not only this, also try taking a few seconds gap before taking another draw. Some people like to have a puff without the button to help re-wick the coil.

3. Mind the Wattage

Vaping at a higher wattage means you vaporise more e-liquid with each draw. Each coil has a designated wattage range, which should be written on the coil. Most people think that turning up wattage can lead to bigger clouds, and it certainly may, but it can also affect your coils in a negative way, as it will burn them out. Vaping on a higher power setting than recommended on the coil, will cause the e-liquid and the coil to become burnt and leave you with awful taste in your mouth and drastically decline the life of your coil.

The simplest solution for this is to keep your wattage setting within the designated wattage range and beware of how often you hit in a particular time period. Slowly and steadily progress upwards. Also, it’s highly recommended to always purchase the high-quality OEM coils as they don’t burn as quick and reduce the chance of metal gas inhalation. They can cost more but it is well worth it. This supplier is known for stocking OEM coils.

4. Top Up Your Tank

If your tank is running low on e-liquid, the chances are that it will not soak the wicks as well. When the level of your juice is very low, the coil has no e-liquid to soak up. The simplest solution is to keep your tank full. It reduces the chance of burning the coil.

5. Use E-juice with Less VG

If you’re a cloud chaser with a strong liking for a really smooth vape, you’re most likely using e-liquid with high VG (Vegetable Glycerine). The issue here is that the VG is much thicker as compared to PG (Propylene Glycol) which will quickly clog up your coil, leading to a shorter lifespan. VG is sweeter and the sugar can result in a burnt coil.

Opt for an e-liquid with a balanced concentration of VG: PG or the juices that have less VG. PG has a thinner consistency and carries flavours a bit better than VG. High quality e-liquid with triple filtered ingredients can have higher VG without being so thick. The e-liquid found here is a perfect blend of 70/30 VG/PG that is not too thick for any coil.

6. Avoid Dark and Sweet Juices

It is highly recommended to avoid using e-liquid that are flavoured with sweeteners, as they tend to deposit on the wick leading it to caramelise due to heat. This prevents the coil from absorbing e-liquids any further, drying up the coil and causing it to burn out early.

Dark juices are alluring and tasty, but the colourants added to the flavours may speed up the process of gunking up your coils.

7. Don’t Lay Your Tank Down

When attached to mod, keep your tank upright. If you let the tank lie on the sides, the juice will move and prevent the wick from thoroughly absorbing the e-liquid. You need to be extra careful, when the tank is half-full. Better to store it in an up-right position and in case of the tank fallening over, allow it to remain upright for a moment before you take a puff from it.

8. Bring Temperature Control Into Play

Temperature control (TC) solves most of the problems with burning coil and wicks when sub ohm vaping. It allows setting the coil’s maximum temperature. When it reaches the set temperature, your vaping machine will stop delivering power stopping it from getting hotter. This helps in preventing the coil from getting burnt. Not all coils are temp controllable but where it is applicable on your mod and your coil, be sure to use it.

To Summarise

Now that you know some handy tips on how to prevent your coil from getting burnt, keep them in mind before hitting the fire button. Always take into account that a burnt coil cannot be repaired and you need to invest in a brand new one.

So, use high-quality and 100% original coils that doesn’t burn out easily. You can explore the wide range of vaping products and accessories on our website www.ecigforlife.com.au.