How To Travel Safely With Your Electronic Cigarettes?

How To Travel Safely With Your Electronic Cigarettes?

Posted by ecigforlife on 9th May 2018

E-cigarettes are catching up as a popular alternative for tobacco cigarettes. In fact, studies suggest that long-term vaping is far safer than smoking.

There are many Australians who prefer vaping over smoking. However, anyone who vapes should be aware of the rules and regulations that come with vaping. Like smoking, vaping also comes with certain regulations and they are constantly changing, for example, regulations about travelling with electronic cigarettes.

Through this blog, we will address everything you need to know before travelling with your electronic cigarettes. So, here you go.

To Carry or Not To Carry- Countries Where Electronic Cigarettes Are Banned

Before we get started on how you should carry your electronic cigarettes while travelling, the important question to ask is - whether electronic cigarettes are allowed in your destination?

There are a number of countries where vaping is banned or heavily regulated. As of 2015, around two-thirds of major nations have regulated e-cigarettes in some or the other way. Countries such as Brazil, Singapore, Seychelles, and Uruguay have a complete ban on e-cigarettes. In few countries, vaping is legal but the e-liquids are highly regulated.

Therefore, if you are planning to carry your electronic cigarettes or even e-liquids on a foreign trip, make sure you check the local laws in the country or state.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Allowed on Plane?

Yes, you can carry electronic cigarettes onto the plane but you can’t use them or charge them during your flight. We advise you to pack your vaping devices in a certain way to ensure complete safety. (We will discuss that in the next section.)

Another thing to remember is you can’t check-in your e-cigs, so you should carry them with you in the cabin luggage. All e-liquids and vaping devices are subject to a security inspection and few airlines might have stringent rules about carrying e-cigs on board.

So, it is better to confirm with your respective airline before packing your vaping devices.

Another important tip here - switch off your e-cigarettes before boarding the flight.

How To Pack Your Electronic Cigarettes While Travelling?

  • We suggest not to carry electronic cigarettes with filled tanks.
  • So, you can empty your e-cigs before travelling.
  • If you do happen to carry a filled tank with e-liquid, you can turn the tank upside down to prevent any spills.
  • Also, it is safer to pack your e-liquids and vaporisers separately.
  • Avoid carrying e-liquids which are filled till top as e-liquid bottles might expand due to the change in air pressure. So, it is better to carry half-filled bottles of e-liquids.

Things To Remember When Travelling With Your E-cigarettes

  • Use Airport’s Designated Smoking Zone

When you are making your bookings, it is best to confirm with the airlines about their e-cig policy. Though it is illegal to vape on planes, most of the airports do allow you to vape in the designated zones. But, make sure you look for any signs or instructions from the airport authorities to avoid any trouble.

  • Don’t Check-In Your Vaping Essentials

Many countries and airlines have made it mandatory to carry your e-cigarettes, e-juices and vape pens only in the carry-on baggage. It is basically for the safety of the passengers. Especially with the cheap or low-quality vaping devices, there is always a risk of catching fire. Thus, it is always advisable to invest in only good-quality and original electronic cigarettes. Like this seller only sells Original Equipment Manufactured O.E.M items.

  • Follow Rental Car Policies

There are many rental car companies that include vaping in their non-smoking policies. We know that vaping does not produce harm the passive smoker like the traditional cigarettes, but it is best to respect the policies. Also, make sure you don't leave behind any vaping accessories in the car.

  • Carry A Car Charger

Make sure you carry an extra car charger with you while travelling. You can then charge your electronic cigarettes while you are on the go. But, again check with the rental car company or the driver, if they have any rules about charging the electronic cigarettes in a moving car.

  • Do not leave Your E-cig Batteries In Car

It is advisable that you keep your e-cig batteries on the car seats and not in the car boot. Also, if are leaving your luggage in the car for a long time, we suggest you take the batteries of your ecigs with you. The e-cigarettes might get damaged, overheated or may get discharged inside the car.

  • Store Your E-liquid Bottles Vertically

Carry your e-liquid bottles in a vertical position with the opening facing upwards. The bottles might leak due to heat and pressure during the travel. Thus, it is advisable to keep them in a cup holder and place them vertically.

It is important you consider these things before you plan your trip. Most important of them, don’t vape where it’s not authorised.

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