Want An Alternative To Smoking? Vaping Can Be Your Solution!

Want An Alternative To Smoking? Vaping Can Be Your Solution!

Posted by ecigforlife on 16th May 2018

Giving up smoking completely is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and willpower. People often start strong but then fall short and go back to smoking. We can say this from our experience of working with people who are trying to find an alternative to smoking. One common issue which most of the people face is – depriving smoking completely.

The solution is not to smoke tobacco cigarettes in lesser quantities, but to find an alternative for them. Like switching to electronic cigarettes or ecigs can be a great and an easy solution.

What are Electronic Cigarettes exactly?

Electronic cigarettes or popularly known as ecigs are basically electronic devices that are powered with batteries and are designed to look like actual tobacco cigarettes. They consist of cartridges filled with e-juice/e-liquid that contains nicotine or other flavourings. The battery heats the e-liquid and converts it into vapour, which you can inhale. Therefore, the process is known as "vaping".

As it is becoming popular, more and more people are trying vaping as an alternative to smoking.

Why Vaping Works As An Alternative To Smoking?

The main reason why vaping works as an alternative to smoking is because it uses the exact same mechanism of hand to mouth movement and creates vapour. Smokers who can’t let go this habit can switch to ecigs which are far safer than tobacco cigarettes.

The vaping inhaler gives out the vapour in the form of an aerosol mist, thus giving the general effect of smoking. Moreover, vaping has far fewer toxins and cancer-causing substances.

Another benefit which people really like is that with ecigs you don’t smell like ashtrays all the time. So, you can avoid that nasty smell of cigarettes from your hair or clothes.

Will Vaping Work For You?

It works for most of the people and there are enough reasons for that. Many people choose to vape as an alternative to smoking- it is effective and safer.

The cost of vaping is also far more affordable than other smoking suspension methods involving costlier therapies and treatments. It is also fun because you have a variety of e-liquid flavours to choose from.

Why vaping can be a great alternative to smoking?

  • Variety of e-liquid flavours
  • Removes bad odour, yellowed skin and tooth stains
  • Cuts extra expenditure/ Saves cash
  • Eliminates the use of lighters and Ashtrays
  • Reduces the chances of fire hazards (only with original products)

An Exclusive Call Centre For All Your Vaping Needs

We at eCigFor Life, work closely with people who are looking for an alternative to smoking. We have our own call centre which runs 12 hours every day and helps people find the right alternative for cigarettes.

We can advise you and help you find the right ecig. You can even call us on 0418 316 209 if you are facing any problems with your ecigs.

Our customer support team will talk to you and guide you to the product best suited to you. We never recommend or sell any clone or fake ecigs. You should always buy original ecigs and clones are never an option.

Only Use Original Vaping Products

You might be on a tight budget and tempted to use low-cost e-liquids. But, in any situation, using fake or cheap ecigs is not a solution. There have been so many instances where cheap ecigs have exploded and vapers have got serious burns.

Therefore, it is always highly recommended that you stick to reputable brands and sellers who sell only original ecigs.

The first and foremost step in avoiding fake e-cigs is the price. If you feel the deal is on a great discount or the prices are extremely low, it's not a very good sign. You should look for certified and reliable vendors that are authorised and sell you only genuine vaping products. Like on our website, you will find only original and premium quality ecigs.

We Can Help You Find The Right Alternative!

We are a premium supplier of quality vaping products including vaping starter kits, e-liquids and other e-cig accessories. But, what is unique is our knowledge and ability to guide people.

We not only sell these vaping products but also help you choose the best ecigs according to your needs. You can call us any day between 7 am to 11 pm and speak to us about any vaping requirements. Call us on 0418 316 209.

Once we help you pick a product, we will deliver it anywhere in Australia with 24/48-hour E-parcel Express service.

So, start your vaping journey with us, call us on 0418 316 209 and see how we can help. But as we say on our website, vaping is a second-best alternative to smoking. quitting altogether is the first!

All the best with your journey!

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