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iTaste EP 2015 Model ORIGINAL

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iTaste EP T

Main Features:

Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection:
Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection protects the iTaste EP against shorted atomizers, and will stop the unit from functioning in unsafe conditions.

Over-Discharge Protection:
The iTaste EP monitors the battery voltage and will automatically turn off when the battery is discharged.

Battery Level Indicator:
The iTaste EP battery capacity is displayed via green, yellow and red LED lights.
Green = Fully Charged
Yellow = Half Discharged
Red = In need of charging
Large battery capacity:
The ITaste EP e-cigarette has a built-in 700 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery.
ON/OFF battery switch:
Quickly clicking three times will enable the iTaste EP for normal function. Once enabled, holding down the button will activate the unit to power the atomizer.
Disabling the iTaste EP stops the atomizer from turning on while stored in your pocket or bag.
10 seconds cutoff:

If the activation button is held for 10 seconds or longer, the iTaste EP

will stop activating until the button is pressed again.

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