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LG High Drain H418650 Battery (updated model)

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Battery Brand Name LG
Battery Model No 18650
Capacity (mAh) 2500 B-Top
Cell type Li-ion
Rechargeable Yes
With Charger No
Voltage (V) 3.6
Units Per Box 1
Dimensions (cm) 6.7 x 3.5 x 1.8
Weight (kg) 0.084
Li-Ion Safety: 35 AMP HOUR
  • Never completely discharge li-ion rechargeable battery ( below 2.5V under load ).
  • Charge fully to 3.7V before first use.
  • Do not use force to install (insert) li-ion battery.
  • Use only high quality battery chargers made for Li-Ion cells.
  • Do not expose cells to heat. 
  • Do not short |connect| positive , and negative battery contacts (terminals). 
  • Keep battery that is not in use in plastic holder, or any insulating |plastic| container.
  • Do not charge battery over 3.7V (another reason to use good Li-ion battery charger).
  • Do not charge unattended.
  • Do not store your li-ion batteries fully charged (for extended period of time | one month or longer ).
  • Store in cold and dry place at approximately 3.7V (storage charge).
  • Never try to charge (or discharge) li-ion batteries with battery chargers that are not made for Li-ion batteries.
  • When charging | using | discharging battery must be inserted with correct polarity orientation.

WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling as these are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if not properly handled. Please note that there is an inherent risk with the use of any and all rechargeable batteries in any circumstance. Direct Vapor is not responsible for any damage, injury, or defect caused by the improper use and/or mishandling of Li-ion (Lithium-ion), LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer) and any rechargeable batteries and chargers.

Safety Notes:

  • Do NOT short.
  • Do NOT leave unattended while charging.
  • Do NOT leave unattended immediately AFTER charging.
  • Do NOT carry in your pocket or purse unless they are in a secure non-conductive carry case.
  • They are not toys. Do not let your children or pets play with them.
  • Do NOT recharge with cheap chargers that keep on trickle charging after the normal cycle or that do not follow the Constant Current / Constant Voltage (CC/CV) algorithm properly.



These are high capacity and high discharge current batteries. If mishandled/mistreated, they can cause you SERIOUS INJURY. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Most of us use our batteries day in and day out with little thought about what happens to the most delicate part of them when we put them in and take them out of our devices. A slight tear here, a nick there, no big deal right? Wrong! The thin outer skin of our batteries is the only thing protecting them from shorting on the metal casings of our mods. Keeping an eye on your battery wrappers is something that is not only overlooked by many; it is downright ignored by a good percentage of vapers.


Essentially the outer wall of a battery is just a big negative terminal hence why the positive terminal is isolated and the wrap covers the battery except on the negative terminal itself. If you have a tear near the top of your battery wrapper it can potentially arc with the top of your device and cause a short. “It’s okay, I use a regulated mod,” I can hear some of you saying. It doesn’t matter what type of mod you have, your battery can still make contact with the battery door and cause a short not to mention when you have the batteries outside of your device. Keep an eye on your battery wrappers and don't use them if they are damaged.


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