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Oh man, you gotta try this….

We here at Ecigforlife have a special dessert treat for you all.

It is called Pudding by Vapor Maid 100ML and it is a classic premium e juice that just recently got a generous size upgrade. It is an ideal dessert flavour that tastes like bowl of pudding that has been blended with chunks of gooey marshmallow and topped with a layer of fresh cinnamon.

It has spot on and genuine flavour that perfectly resembles the real thing.

As you inhale you will first notice the distinct marshmallow flavouring. As you hold in your hit the sugary and creamy pudding flavouring comes into play and dances across your taste palate. The cinnamon becomes most noticeable on the exhale.

The cream from the pudding and spice from the cinnamon create a perfectly balanced throat hit that is not harsh or overbearing in anyway. It is enjoyable from start to finish and will not leave you with an uncomfortable burning sensation in the back of your throat.

No coughing!

Vapor Maid is a well known brand that has been with us since the beginning. We have carried them in stock for a long time, and their e liquids never get old. They are manufactured by Beard Vape Co in Southern California, so you know this line is going to taste great.

Overall, this premium e liquid makes perfect for an all day vape, especially if you are a dessert lover. We promise, every hit tastes better than the one before it.

The flavour just never stops coming.

We have stock of Pudding by Vapour Maid here at ecigforlife now in 100ML bottles. 

Don't wait until it flies off the shelves, grab some today!

  • Flavor Profile: Marshmallow, Pudding, Cinnamon
  • VG/PG: 70/30
  • Size: 100ML

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