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Ecigforlife is a leading supplier of all types of vaping products in Australia. From beginners to advanced vapers - we have you covered. Our team aims at providing you with a seemless and highest quality vaping experience.. That is why; our online store keeps you updated with anything new in the vaping world.

One such new generation vaping product is the vape pod kits. These vape pods provide a low-powered and cool draw that generally reqiure higher nicotine strengths as the output voltage is lower. This makes vaping more economical as they use less vape juice compared to a tank set up. Pods are used here instead of tanks which makes them an easy-to-use and ultra portable vape system.

If you have any further questions or need assistance in choosing the right product for you, give us a call now on 0418 316 209

Why Choose Vape Pods?

We recommend going for vape pod kits online if you are unclear about which vape product suits you. Unlike many devices, a vape pod has the potential to give you smoke-like experience. So for the people who are heavy smokers wanting to move away from smoking, vape pods can be a great product for you. It provides the convenience and the realistic experience that the smokers crave in their transition period of smoking to vaping.

Vape pod devices are small, elegant and discrete but still offer maximum nicotine throat hit. It enables a unique and more realistic vaping experience compared to large tanks. Vape pod kits have a refillable pod ,you will find some are disposable pods along with others that have integrated coils. These unique characteristics make it a number one choice for light to heavy smokers looking to move from smoking to vaping.

How to Select the Best Pod System? 

You will find many different types of vape pods online. So, if you are confused about which one to buy, these factors can help you make the right choice:

  • Pod Capacity - a vape pod system generally comes with a smaller tank capacity. So, choose the pod in a way that provides you with an adequate capacity so that the need for changing or refilling the pod is not that frequent. Generally speaking, a 2ml pod is equivalent to 15 cigarettes.
  • Size and Shape - For portable vape mods, pod kits are definitely your ultimate choice as they come in various shapes and sizes. It is recommended to first decide on which size and shape vape pod kit you are comfortable with.
  • Flavour Options - If you buy vape pod that accepts only pre-filled pods you are limited to flavour options and in finding a high quality vape juice. We recommend a re-fillable pod kit so you have the option to find a flavour that fits your vaping needs and gives you the flexibility to seek out tested and high quality vape juice such as our vape juice.
  • Battery Life - As vape pod kits come in a compact size, they tend to have smaller and less powerful batteries compared to larger mods. So, before choosing one, it is recommended to consider the expected battery life.

Our Expert Team will Assist You with Your Needs

  • If you are ever unsure on the right vape pod kit for you, simply give us a call on 0418 316 209 and our expert team will guide you to the right vape pod kit to meet your needs to ensure you have the best chance at not smoking.