Testimonials from clients


Hi guys I just wanted to write a review
I can't thank Peter and Dan and team enough for there help and expertise always when either purchasing or even just advice. Their commitment to their ecigs and juice is outstanding. There knowledge and understanding is truely remarkable. The customer service I receive every single time I speak with or visit them is above excellent. I have been a customer for almost 2 years and have even gotten my sister to quit smoking using ecigs. You instantly feel at ease and in knowledgable hands when in the presence of the ecig for life team. I would never trust anyone or anywhere else to buy my juice from. So thank you guys for your outstanding commitment to your customers it is very much appreciated. 
AJ Sparrow


Hi, my name is kris, firstly, may I begin by saying, congratulations to the person reading this review, you're obviously thinking of quitting and taking up vaping, why else would you be on this wonderful site and reading the wonderful, honest reviews, from so many successful quitters, who, like myself, would love to share my experience with you, and how wonderful it feels, to finally say, "I Quit" I'm a non smoker, believe me, that's the best feeling ever! Now, to my success story, I'm now sixty five and started smoking at the age of fifteen. I gor married but my husband had never smoked and hated me smoking. I, like most of the population who want to quit, tried everything out there available to quit, you name it I tried it, hypnosis, patches, and medication, which all, in some way, had terrible side effects, which meant, people would stop using them and continued to smoke. I remember the first time I heard about ecigarettes, I was going out with my son, his girlfriend and her mother when my son told me that her mother was using ecigarettes, i actually thought she was taking drugs!! I had never heard of, or seen one before, then after seeing what it was and how she had quit smoking, I was so impressed, I had to find out exactly what an ecigarette was. I found Ecigforlife on line and made the decision to make that call, that was the best call I've ever made, a call that has changed my life completely, that was twelve months ago. The owner and directors of the company, Pete and Dan are so professional, and extremely dedicated to their business, their products, and most important, to their clientele. Whenever I call to place an order, and speak to either Pete or Dan, they are, and always have been, wonderful to chat to, they are amazing in every way, Their products are only of the very highest standards, and their liquids, are all just wonderful. I'm so proud and happy so say, that after all those years of smoking, I finally found a product that truly made quitting easy, has worked and, at the same time, is so enjoyable, and of cause, most important, vaping doesn't have all those dangerous, disgusting, harmful chemicles that cigarettes have! One very important fact that I must mention, is the fact that I have suffered from Asthma for many years and have had to visit my doctor every six months, who is also a professor in respiratory. Since I stopped smoking, my breathing and the tests that I have to undergo, have improved by twenty percent, my professor was so happy with my results, and was so delighted to hear that I've quit smoking and now vaping, that I now only have to see him once every twelve months, that and my results, have proved to me and my health professionals, quitting and vaping is, for sure, the way to go! I urge anyone reading this, to give Ecigforlife a call, speak to Pete or Dan, it will change your life, for the better, for forever, as it has mine. If you have had any doubts about ecigarettes, and taking up vaping, I truly hope that my story has will help you in making the right decision, you can do it, I know, because I did. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Kris Rosenberg


Just a question for you,  I'm bit confused about the order I placed.  Maybe you have a special code for the 5 flavours I ordered today being the cinnamon cookies,  strawberry,  chocolate,  vitruvian lady and the coconut all by Zero brand. I guess you've put it as a sample pack code,  if so cool.  Love your work.  I only just checked the email confirmation order late tonight.  Been busy this end with th usual family stuff,  had a great time this arvo at the Miners Hall of Fame open day today.  Forgot all about checking the email confirmation.  All good.  Just send us an email to let this old fart here know you put the order as the sample pack label.  

Cheers guys and many thanks for such a great unit the Penguin. Love it immensely,  best thing ever. To Vape or not to Vape this is the question........... Answer - Vape and then even more vaping.  Say no to cigarettes permanently.


Smoked for more than forty years. I had tried everything under the sun and had decided that I would ultimately become a statistic. But then I contacted Peter. One could not ask for better service, understanding and support. He was committed to giving me the possible chance of quitting. What can I say. An entirely successful method of tackling the 'smokes'. If I can do it - then anyone can! A heart couldn't stop me but eCigForLife did. Wow!  Mark Daw


I feel I am a pretty good judge of character 

And your business reminded me of my wife's business-
Know your stuff
Don't compromise on quality 
And the customers will come... and stay. 
You guys seem pretty bloody cool
And the black and red machine- just need more e liquid and were laughin

Talk soon fellas Matt Mcillwain


Peter & the ecigforlife team, I would just like to let you know that Mum and I are doing great no cigs since we left you and now have the ecig working like a dream no coughing.  Ever so grateful.  Cheers Deb & Flo Pertzel


I will give you 10/10 for customer service, we also operate online and do 24/7 10/10 customer service, don't happen to own a boat do you?:-), I have recommended you to my son whom introduced us to ecigs. My partner has also recommended you to her daughter and husband to get off the fags and onto the e's. Funny thing, we live in Queenscliff which is basicly a village, went to our small supermarket this evening and bought a slab, the guy behind the counter automatically opened the smoke cupboard, I said no we are on the e's.He asked if there is a big saving, I said at least 20k between the 2 of us, his reply, you're * kidding. Thanks guys, it's changing our lives as well.


Hi ecigforlife, absolutely blown away with the penguin, gives a really true taste even with the Thug juice where the ego cooks it a bit, do you have them in red as the bride wants one as well. Cheers, Sam


Evening Puff Puff Man. Just wanted to say a massive Thank You again for you're help today absolutely love the new bowl & coil 

Can't believe the difference & so much more enjoyable .Have a good one & stay groovy.


Hi guys , happy for you to use this email . After smoking for over 30 yrs , and trying , unsuccessfully , to give up on more than one occasion I decided to give vaping a go . After speaking to Peter , and answering his questions - how much do I smoke , what sort of tobacco etc , he recommended some juice he thought would be suitable . 10 weeks smoke free now , no withdrawals , and I couldn't be happier . I ordered the product on a Sunday night and it was delivered on Tuesday . If I order on a weekday , its here the next day . Excellent service , advice and product . I've already passed his details onto 2 of my workmates . Darren


After visiting you all in Melbourne 2 weeks ago I can't believe how much the fantastic information & incredible product choice & range I received.
I had been a smoker for 25 years & decided to try the electric/vapour option so purchased a starter that included the vapour juice.
After a week of trying to adjust to using my vapour unit I started to get disheartened due to the problems of constant coughing with a awful heavy chemical after taste after having a puff & in all honesty it was not enjoyable.
I decided while in Melbourne to look up a place I could purchase some chamber juice & see if a different flavour would help with my issues.
Well I cannot express enough WOW WOW WOW it's all about quality, I tested a ecigforlife reserve edition vapour liquid & couldn't believe the difference, for the first time I didn't cough, the taste experience was really enjoyable & the sensation in my mouth after was without the nasty chemical after taste. I drove back to Perth so happy knowing I was going to be moving forward without cigarettes in my life & haven't touched one since.
The quality of ecigforlife' s vapour liquid is the Rolls-Royce of vapour liquids without a doubt, you all have changed my life for the better & I can't thank you enough for providing such amazing crafted & all organic flavoured vapour liquids, 1st class service 1st Class Customer support & 1st Class products 10/10 ecigforlife
Super Happy Customer
Clare Bear
Perth Western Australia


Hi Peter,

I just wanted to say a big thank you to your & your team for the very best customer service ever & your sincerity in offering me a much better alternative to cigarettes.

Through your guidance I have completely stopped my 35 year long smoking habit & converted to Vaping which is really noticeably improving my health in just 3 weeks.

David Q.
My order just arrived and I was straight into it and it's awesome. This is now my perfect combination of flavour vs throat sensation. Thanks for the best service ever
Steve Askin
Good Service from these guys. Enjoying products ! Early days yet, but looking forward to trying different flavours these guys offer and looking forward to kicking the JPS Gold's away !

19th March 2017

Four weeks without a cigarette. I absolutely love my vapour and don't have a need to go back to smoking.
Pete and Dan are at your finger tips any time you need a refresher or need to order .

Great product and service. If you want to kick the habit of smoking go see the boys at eCigForLife. Norm Favaloro
Hey it's Jessie Stretton here. I bought some gear off you guys a few days ago (second time round with you guys).It all arrived on time. Service was better than great, my new device is smoother than smooth and the eliquid tastes amazing!
Thanks heaps!!
A sincere thanks to Dan and the team at ecigforlife. My only regret is that we hadn’t found these guys a few weeks ago when we invested in quite expensive alternative products without knowing much about what we were buying.

When I contacted the guys at ecigforlife to purchase a second unit, I found them more than helpful and totally focused on what was best for us. Dan took the time to go through all of the products in the range and strongly recommended a unit based on what we needed (not what we thought we wanted). His recommendation was excellent, we purchased an eGo AIO, it simply leaves a more expensive unit we purchased elsewhere for dead.

I ordered a unit ecigforlife, it was delivered next day. Once delivered I got an over the phone tutorial on how to assemble and use the product.

Dan also gave me a great rundown on e-liquids, the team at ecigforlife are very outcome focused and clearly do not sell any liquids that are low end.

I was so impressed with the e-liquid that I purchased from them that I am about to ditch $100.00 worth of product from another supplier as they havnt been tested for harmful chemicals.

Overall, a fantastic customer service experience – really refreshing to get the service and advice to the level that I experienced. I will certainly be recommending this business to my friends and colleagues.

A 5 star experience – thank you.
These guys ( Dan and Peter) are AMAZING!! Since I bought my Kanger starter kit I had a bit of trouble ( my own fault) !!
After placing my order via internet, I received a curtesy call from Dan, asking if I was a newcomer or experienced client ( what a pleasant surprise) :0) As I was totally inexperienced I was offered to call them as soon as I received my order to set it up with their help. I had a few hiccups with the new device (I hadn't called them :0( ) ...
Since I have spoken to Peter twice ( he's the most patient person you could wish for!!! ) I'm loving my new device :0))
Best customer support ever!!!
Thank you so much for your help and patience :0)) You've been recommended to me for a reason...
Keep on the brilliant work

Good Afternoon Guys
I don’t have a gmail account, accordingly would be really happy if you can use the feedback below:
“A sincere thanks to Dan and the team at ecigforlife. My only regret is that we hadn’t found these guys a few weeks ago when we invested in quite expensive alternative products without knowing much about what we were buying.
When I contacted the guys at ecigforlife to purchase a second unit,  I found them more than helpful and totally focussed on what was best for us. Dan took the time to go through all of the products in the range and strongly recommended a unit based on what we needed (not what we thought we wanted). His recommendation was excellent, we purchased an eGo AIO, it simply leaves a more expensive unit we purchased elsewhere for dead.
I ordered a unit ecigforlife, it was delivered next day. Once delivered I got an over the phone tutorial on how to assemble and use the product.
Dan also gave me a great rundown on e-liquids, the team at ecigforlife are very outcome focussed and clearly do not sell any liquids that are low end. 
I was so impressed with the e-liquid that I purchased from them that I am about to ditch $100.00 worth of product from another supplier as they havnt been tested for harmful chemicals. 
Overall, a fantastic customer service experience – really refreshing to get the service and advice to the level that I experienced. I will certainly be recommending this business to my friends and colleagues.
A 5 star experience – thank you.”
Kind Regards
Jason Blackmore


E Cig for life has helped me to quit smoking and has been a major factor in my happiness in my life. The staff are friendly and helpful and very understanding of my requirements and i highly recommend e Cig for life in terms of the quality and service they offer.
Erne Fazekas
Please read , I have been a smoker for 24 years , i used to smoke a Port Royal a packet of 50 grams it lasted me 2 to 3 days , i never have a ciggy out of my hand .Did i like smoking yes i did , stupid i know . But the price of ciggys and the toll it takes on your body you have to give them away.So i did , i bought an e/cig and some vapour juice from the USA , well what a bloody mistake that was , i puffed on the stuff and it was like smoking gum leaves. I thought to myself stuff this ,as it felt like it was burning my lungs away.So i went back smoking ciggys.After the good lady wife saying please quit and me knowing i should, i went online and found this place ecigforlife, so i rang the number and started talking to Peter , and bought some e/juice and a better e/cig and i can tell you i have never looked back. His patience to me whinging that are you sure this will work and stop me smoking also his ABSOLUTE quality e/juice and e/cig products , i can say i don't smoke and never will smoke again ! I don't cough a lung up every morning , i don't wheeze , i feel better and even exercise now and still vap away on my ecig .I can tell you all one thing if you want cheap expect rubbish like i did at the start . Peter gives nothing but pure quality and impeccable service , he is second to none out there . He helped me change my life for the better . Cheers Andrew 
PS I don't stink of smoke anymore .And remember nothing but pure quality .


Hi folks, just wanted to say a big thank you for recommending the MICRO TFV4. I originally ordered a different tank but got a call back recommending this beauty and it didn't disappoint! Wow! After switching out the 0.3ohm and wicking the 0.62ohm the warm strong hit is so satisfying. You guys know how to run a good business. It's still a shame Australia is not allowed selling nicotine e-liquids as it's the x factor in getting that punchy flavourful hit. I import mine from the UK and can only hope it's allowed soon here. Thank you once again.

Hubert Lipnicki


I'm very happy with this product cos I enjoy vaping It doesn't make me cough and it doesn't give me dizzy spells Tobacco cigarettes did I can breath better and I have more energy Ecigforlife products are fantastic and they are natural It also doesn't effect my blood pressure cos every time I vape I check it and doesn't affect it Love these products Remember Ecigforlife will always be my go to store. George Makras


top device pete ..great service best yet cheers Stephen Hopkins


Peter you are a star in our eyes , thank you for all your help when our E Cig arrived . I must say when I first rang you and you told me I could give you my order and details over the phone I was a bit nervous , after all you could of been a scam . Im so embarrassed ,you were honest and true ,you took care of everything for us . Look forward to doing more business with you . Thanks for being passionate about your product and giving with your time Kind regards Sally Bosenburg


Absolutely great service at E-Cig For Life! Along with a range of delicious and safe -to-vape e-liquids! I have always been treated well when talking to the staff and their knowledge and advice on vaping has been invaluable to getting the most out of what I purchase. Also all the knowledge on how to treat my equipment has been very helpful! Very happy customer Dean Sarailis


I have known Peter and Dan and Peter's wife Donna for the last 3 years. The e juice's and the Mods eCigForLife sell Are the Best you can ever Buy on the market. The smooth taste and the quality of his products are 100% I can ring Peter anytime Day or Night if i need anything and his door is always Open. Now that is 100% customers service. And i will remain Peter's customer And stand by him and his team 100% Russell Sutcliffe


I trust this company, they deliver great products, service and advice. From the moment I called the customer service line to enquire about different products, Peter Welst (Director) who answered stored my number in the phone. Everytime I call he or another member of the team answers with "Hello, Angus" and promptly gives me an answer to my question. For a line of products where there is a lot of misinformation in the general market, and when vaping is inheritly a personal experience that can involve medical issues, this high level customer experience combined with great products gives me the confidence in this company I need to make them my go-to. The prices may be higher than some seen around, but absolutely worth it especially since new products are delivered straight to my door the next day. Angus Maiden


Great Products, Service and advice. If your new to E-Cigs these guys are very knowledgeable and will help get you started safely. Greg Davis


Peter, Dan & Donna have provided sound advice and friendly service over my time with ecig. I always like to drop in to say hello and catch up. The advice and products they provide are fantastic. I do not refer many people based on products I like, but have done for this company. Supporting them is referral business. In fact 5 people I know buy online and drop in to buy their products. It's the best - Keep up the good work ecig Team. Jonathon Miller


We bought eGo AIO plus various e-liquids: menthol, Turkish Tobacco, Rolled Reserve and Euro Leaf Reserve. We are very impressed with the product, express delivery and incomparable customer service, both pre- and post sale. 10 out of 10! Since starting on e-cigarettes last week we didn't have any cravings for 'real' cigarettes and my friend smoked for 60 years! Excellent product and service, we will not hesitate recommending it to our smoking friends. Thank you Daniel and Peter, will be ordering more liquids soon. Ella Ashley


My wife and I have both successfully quit smoking thanks to great quality products, and just as importantly , great advice from Peter and the team. Its simple people- you get what you pay for! David Fraser


I have been buying from Peter and the Ecig For Life crew for years. I trust their products as I know they are completely legitimate and not knock offs like so many other companies. You get what you pay for in this industry so why would you risk your health on cheap knock off products? Minald Doolabh


Peter and the eCigForLife crew have given me nothing but outstanding customer service for over 4 years now. They honestly believe in their products which really helps with the advice they give. I recently visited their premises with my wife as she has struggled with giving up smoking but Peter took the time to personally put together a solution for her. Great service Kevin Croft


I've been a smoker of 42 years and after buying the AIO I only used it for 6 weeks before I went to the AIO pro and have been using it ever since... I have not picked up a cigarette or wanted to since I started vaping and since I have been in hospital and will be for a few months I am glad as I can still do this from my hospital bed.. it's funny actually to watch the other smokers working their way outside for a cigarette and I'm just laying on my back in bed enjoying one... the team was really helpful and had my e-cigarette delivered to my hospital bed within 24 hours therefore making things easier on the staff as they no longer had to push me outside for a cigarette..... well done eCig for life..... I don't know where I would have been without you.... love the taste of your Euro leaf oil as it reminds me very much of my White Ox tobacco even though it has no nicotine.... Andrew Koops


Peter & his team at eCigforLife go above and beyond! I was able to get any questions and concerns answered immediately by either calling or visiting them directly (outside of regular business hours too!). The products I have bought from them were discussed in length to make sure that It would be 100% suited to my vaping needs the first time!Some may consider the price to be higher than others but products are high quality and never ever a knock off! Juice products here are unlike any other vape shop in Melbourne, as the team here really do care about what goes into their products and its safety on you! Stanley Taylor


Good Prices, Excellent Service and Advice, Prompt Delivery Express Post, very happy customers here. Allen Adam


The guys at eCigforlife are amazing. Their willingness to help their clients is second to none and the range is great. If you have ever thought of starting to vape or looking for a top to switch from cigarettes. These are the guys to go to. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. Daniel Summers


Best Juice I have ever Vaped! Gambit is my favourite, a very smooth vape with a fantastic taste! ECigForLife you're the best! Sammy Argiriou


The Reserve E-Liquid tastes great. I've been a smoker for years and have been smoke free for almost three weeks with what I've got from this site. Amazing stuff. Jordan Stanley


Hi Peter,
couldn't seem to find a way to upload my review, so I thought I would mail you
in the hope you can post it on your website.
Thanks once again for your help today, im on Business in Oz for a week,
travelling down from Aberdeen in Scotland when my battery packed in. I called
you guys hoping to purchase a new battery however you managed to fix my battery
over the phone! how great is that? thank you so much for the outstanding
service and advice you gave me today, I am so impressed, I would never get the
customer service I received from you today anywhere in the UK.

thanks once again Richard Jarrett


Hey I forgot to send you guys a message last month after you posted out new e-liquids to replace the Bavarian cream I ordered at no cost. It was much appreciated as you could have simply said buyers risk. Thanks again for your outstanding customer service and look forward to our continued relationship. Blair Colwell


Delighted with it so far guys big thanks!

My wife is now considering vaping. Her present smoking habit is 12 which is what I used to be.

Can you please suggest an economical starter kit with as smooth a draw as possible?

Thanks again guys, delighted to be of the evil tobacco again! Ian M


Hey peter that apple pie flavour is bl**dy awesome! Its like a hard hit of apple first and then leaves a smooth sweet pastry after taste! Thanks Dean S



eGo AOI received, thank you. A beautiful piece of kit - working well. Thanks for the recommendation.

Charles S


Excuse my language in advance but...
Bl**dy good Onya mate!!
If more Company Leaders took a leaf from your book; the Customer experience across the board would be terrific!!
Do you have any Promotional Material I could share amongst my circle(s)? I have already shared the web address on Facebook or email if a need arises through conversation etc.
thank you again mate!! Brad Bowden
Hey Peter, absolutely rapped with the Black Widow, she's smooth, cool, and a "very clean Vape experience,So much better than the other crap we bought,Thanx for all your help,we really had no idea what we were doing,and thanks for the honestly and advice, we'll definitely tell our trusted ones about your business!! We'll be customers for life!!! Smashed!!.. Allison G. 
Amazing Product! 
Be very careful of Clones! I bought a clone (from another company) by mistake and it wouldn't stop leaking... I contacted the guys at ecigforlife and they took the time to explain the situation to me and assured me that they sell 'the real deal' Once I had bought a new one, it has NEVER leaked and is of the highest quality. Thanks ecigforlife!
You really pay for quality  
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Great taste with subtle aftertones... great with a cup of coffee.

Compared to some other juices out there, these are slightly expensive but you can be sure that all they're juices great... You get what you pay for!


Hi Peter, just wanted to let you know, after the initial shock of using my new ecigarette today, I have to say, it was very strange to begin with but didn't take long before I started to enjoy my new 'cigarette', especially the flavour, its very pleasant and yes, as you said, is quite enjoyable. A work colleague showed me today, her ecigarette, I wasn't even aware that she was even using one, after looking at what she's using, I'm very sure that you will be receiving a call from her in the next day or two, she's using one that is supposed to 'look' like a cigarette, in fact, it looked awful, she was amazed when she saw mine!  Dan was wonderful today, taking me through all the steps to start me off on my new 'journey', well, it sort of is a big new start, it took some time, probably because I asked so many questions but he was extremely patient, a big thank you to Dan. I'll keep in touch, thank you so much Peter and Dan, day one but going really well already, I'm very happy. 

Mel JR

Wow, this is a fantastic product. Coffee and cigarettes is a delicious and unique blend of both. I highly recommend this fine product from E cig for Life. 
Customer service is second to none. These are dedicated and genuine people who are extremely knowledgeable about transitioning from smoking to vaping. Coffee and cigarettes is a splendid all day vape, Treat yourself!

Hey Pete. Im still around. Just with the big move my ecig took a back seat and I've only just begun using it again. I have a lot of supplies still so will be OK until late March early April. Cheers Quentin 


Peter,just have to say thank you for the after sales service & the quickest arrival of any order I have ever made. Appreciate it.

Cheers Eliene St. Romain 


Thank you so much. So easy to deal with. I've sent your phone number to my friend Tiana, she will order from you and wants the same as what I bought. So glad I found your business. I just googled "ecigarette Gold Coast" which I have done on many occasions in the past and never found anyone. Glad it worked this time.:) Regards, Jennifer M 


Hi Peter, Rob from Aspendale Gardens here, I bought one of your ecigs last Saturday and just wanted to let you know im LOVING IT!!..absolutely fantastic!, you were so helpful with everything, much appreciated, ive told one of the guys at work about your company so expect a phone call ha ha, his name is bryce, thanks again and see you guys soon, loving the ecig:-) ...I havent smoked since, big thumbs up too you!:-) 

Absolutely fantastic..... i was explained everything about this product and how best to use it, im saving money and my health already, these guys were fantastic with all the information they provided and I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who wants to quit the smoking habbit!!!, fantastic guys, your doing a great job!  Robert Michael Reeves 
Great product I highly recommend this product to anyone. Its the best product Ive ever bought. The people were wonderful helping me pick the right product that suits my needs .i will be staying with them and re ordering.
Sharee White 
Great supply of all things "e-cig", honest opinions and helpful friendly assistance to get the newcomer and even the old hand started and going with any new equipment.
Thanks fellas - as Arnie says "I'll be back"
Zender Merc 
Peter has unbelievable customer service. He goes above and beyond and the service doesn't stop once you have paid. He continues to render help and advice. He upgraded me to a better product and also helped with the setup. I would and will recommend him to other ecig friends. Many thanks for all the help.
Chris Gazi 
5 out of 5, Peter is great, great advice, and most importantly honest advice.... set me up with an awesome kit for my needs, really personal and relaxed experience with him. Definitely would recommend and I will definitely be a repeat and loyal customer.Thanks again guys, see you soon. Nathan Porter 
Really good quality good customer service i recommend to all. Stop sourcing from any wear else. Only regret that i didn't find them sooner forget buying anywear else trust me cheaper isn't better quality is. Nathan Hill 

Hi Peter

Thank you for your prompt services .

I am loving the oils the hazel nut mocha is great.

Looking forward to the coffee one.

Thanks again for the great product .Renee Henderson. 
Hey guys I just want to say thank you so much for your exceptional customer service tan and myself are always blown away by it you guys are great
Tracey Basile 
I just wanted to let you know that the Joytech is fantastic, I know it's only been 4 days but I still have not smoked a cigarette, which is amzaing for someone like me. 

Thank you so much for helping me on my quit journey, I couldn't have done it without all your help, keep up the great work your both doing, I really can't thank you both enough and I'm looking forward to recommending you to everyone I know, I'll only be buying my ecig/vapour products from you as I just don't trust anyone else, thank you for your honesty and to help me choose the best ecigarette products for me, I couldn't be happier or healthier and my family appreciate it as well, you guys rock. Wayne Martens 
Thanks mate arrived today very happy with your service and I will be advising all my fellow vapour friends on your service.. Talk soon thanks
Zieke Martinovich 


These guys have their mobile number on their website. Use it! I've never had better customer service in any industry ever! I thought I knew a bit about vaping but these guys filled allot of blanks.

I cannot recommend them enough!
Paul Salter 
Hi Peter & Daniel,
Just to advise my order arrived today at 11am, fantastic service, I'm over the moon, thank you.
I deal with many companies throughout the uk back home and I have never experienced such a quick and efficient service as this.
When I come back to Queensland I will certainly use you again and will most certainly pass on your company details to local, and visiting friends.
Happy New Year, and thanks again.
Geoff Stewart 

Peter   what can I say  
Truly wonderful to know you and the team 
Great work, great great work.
A sound, affectious;  biz that has good intentions in view is a remarkable one. you should be very proud as I'm sure you are Peter.  Mate
You really have saved my lungs and affected how much time I will indefinitely have with my children and that is such an effort to be admirable to any decent biz man 
I truly take my hat off to ontrupeners that don't give up and really get to the top and that is definitely where you are; so man to man I'm proud of you, it, and eciglife.
It's been my goal and dream to start a one stop shop club to support family and growth ...anyway that's another story it's just you have created ecl and it's great,
I thought you should know how a good decent man notices it.
All the best.



I don't want special treatment, over the 8 years iv delt with you has been great.

just must express how I feel.
What a great impressive very! impressive bizo.   Well done.!!

Soz it's late   sleep well.

Till next time 


You must sleep well knowing you save lives.
It's a great thing buddy.
I admire what you do because I can't! not! help someone in any need or any type of help i may be able to provide them with whether I know them or even care about them or not (I care about every sole) and hate the word "BUT"  
Cheers  B fozard 


This juice is absolutely perfect Peter
Very well done mate 
Only had under ten cigarettes in three days...Thank you. 


G'day Pete & Dan,
Feedback on Risen Flag:
Love luv the Castle Long - but I'm so loving its sweet taste I'm sucking on it all day !! Just now trying the Black Flag Risen - milder taste, with an interesting after taste - not as sweet as Castle Long but has a bigger taste. Think I'll enjoy that for a break. I can put it down and wait for the next vape, whereas with Castle Long I'm at it full-on...!!!

As for that 'Loy Yang' power stack..!?! ( BIG SUB OHM TANK) with the zero nic Apple - just about gone thru the lot. But I'm now finding I can't breath in a whole lung full without coughing. Must be doing something wrong...? I've dialled the temp down to 20, but I think you suggested 25...?

Anyway, I'm delighted with with everything and 'your' assistance.
Cool to meet up you.
Sean Hamilton 


Thanks for your help .i appreciate your professional  aproach. I will be staying with you for future orders .thankyou very much .brian chaney 


Hi Peter, thankyou for the ecig, I'm glad I got the better one, it's fantastic, thanks for being so helpful yesterday :) my partner is looking at getting one in the coming weeks. I'm sure I'll try some new eliquids then too, will keep in contact. 
Nick Brett


Thanks for your help had to drive to another location in Bayswater but the clouds have parted and I finally have the order, once again thanks you guys are great in the way you deal with customers, I thought customer service was dead. Have a nice day. Elan Zabary WA 


Peter, I have bookmarked and added you as a contact. Much appreciated for your time and informative guidence aiding me in choosing a product. I was impressed straight away that you answered the phone at this time of the night and your helpfulness guiding me to choosing a selection!  I'm  looking forward to receiving the package and trying it out. I will be in touch with results and feedback. And will pass om your contacts to anyone I know or meet interested. Felicity B 


Hey Pete, thanks for the awasome eleaf iStick 40 watt. Quitting has never been so much fun. regards Mel T 


Hay Peter its Gary from Canberra.Its 2 years and one week. Thanks again. Gary M 


I think its fantastic to have Quit Smoking Yay thank you Pete and Daniel

 cheers Simon Chircop 


Thanks Peter and Dan!

Hazelnut and Mocca flavour is just amazing - so yummy. Better than any cigarette! Just another addiction?:-)
Kind regards, gabi eckereder
midwife (rm)/ lactation consultant (ibclc) 


I went to my vascular surgeon in last week and told him I was using e cigs. He wanted
to know your business name so he could refer his patients who are having trouble
given up smoking cigarettes. I asked him about how nicotine effects the vascular
system and he said he would rather see me having e cigs instead of smoking due to all
the 4000+ chemicals in cigarettes. I thought this was excellent feedback that I should share with you.
This feedback has really assured me in all your products.

Maria Morris 


Day 2 and he has gone to work a 10 hour shift with just his ecig. Never thought I would see the day. Thank you so much. Health is priceless.

Teresa Holt 


Hope alls well and you are doing ok:}
I know how busy you probably are, though if its ok when one of you get free time could you give me a call please?
Its in regards to a mate who wants to get off the packet cigs after 40-50 odd years of smoking and has a bit of a chronic lung issue and also allergic to almost everything!!!! If you cant thats ok I will keep looking around and experimenting on myself:)
I'm only asking you guys because your product got rid of my obstruction on my lung from smoking and I believe in your products, as its helped me:] 
I am thinking sub ohm units for me mate at the moment with more VG than PG in the Mix? 
I am only experimenting from my journey though, any info would be great if not all good mate.

Kind regards

James huxley 


Hi Peter, just sending you a quick  note. One week in and all going extremely well.It has been the easiest and best transition. In fact I wish I had done it years ago. Would just like to thank you. regards David Myles 


Thank you so much Peter for yet another fantastic 'order arrangement'.
Even though I've been a customer of yours for a little while now, I still feel I need someone to 'pinch me' to realise how luck I am to be getting the highest in customer care, the very best in quality, the very latest in technology that's tried and tested by yourselves to be reliable with excellent performance, and to just receive the same wonderful helpfulness where nothing is too much with always the feeling that your there to help me get it right.  I feel 'part of the family'.  I have my 3 iSticks with the Nautilus Mini and I'm set up perfectly. They are the best 'hands down' and I've tried a few.  It suits me to have the 3 going at the same time and their my security blankets!  I have never been so well looked after or had everything so well set up with complete reliability and satisfaction, so thank you Peter and your wonderful Team for being there and providing such a wonderful work ethic service in excellence.
Oh I was quite taken back when you said you work 24/7 so that you can always be available for your client's needs.  Wow you and your Team deserve the very best.  So as it's always a pleasure, I'll be speaking soon when I make my next order.  With the most sincere thanks Paulette F. 
                                                      END OF REVIEW
I sincerely mean all this Peter in my heart.  Your Company truly has it's foundation built upon all the ingredients for the best.  
Thank you
Hi Peter. Just wanted to thank you for the Personal Vaporiser. Its been a few weeks and Ive not had a normal cigarette since I opened the packaging. Its been amazing and I'll be ordering a few more flavours soon. Regards Michael Daher 
I have to say that my experience in dealing with the ecig for life team and the quality of their products is fantastic. 
I can't praise Peter and Dan enough for their assistance at any time not to mention the very high quality of all of their products I've purchased. 
Outstanding service and great stuff guys. 
Thanks very much.  Justina Smith 
Hi Peter 
Just thought I would send you an email to say thanks for all your help introducing me to your line of products . I have been smoking e liquid now since November last year and have had all the fun of trying to get a good quality smoke and a liquid that is nice to smoke and is as safe as you can expect from a smoke.
As you know I was advised to go with the I stick TC40W battery with the Nautilus mini tank, I must admit when it first arrived my first thought was Christ you could jump start a car with this thing it just felt so big compared to all the other devises I have used, but within a day I was sold no more charging batteries every time you turn around, this smoke just keeps on going and can be set up in so many different ways. I like to set the watts a little higher in the morning with my first coffee and drop them back in the afternoon while I am having a few drinks, mainly for the fact this is when I smoke the most.
The liquids that I have tried have also been unbelievable with a quality that was very new to me. I have tried quit a few e liquids before, but now realise I probably wasn't doing myself any favours by smoking them. your apple pie liquid is a great liquid for at the end of the night with a coffee, it truly is like having a peace of pie covered in custard. Don't know were you found that one but glad you did?
Also I must mention your service and advice given with your product. as mentioned your product is not the first one I have tried but it is definitely the first product I have been able to talk to someone about, such as why the products you sell are the best on the market and why they are the safest on the market. It is also a relief not to be treated like a criminal just for the fact I enjoy smoking.
Thanks again for all your help, your product is a good price and arrives on my door step three days after I place an order. I am shore I will be a customer of e cig for life for many years.
Kind regards
Kevin from Cairns QLD. 

Cannot thank the guys at eCigForLife enough.

There assistance with selecting an e-cig was great, tailored to my limited budget.

Also I have to say thanks for offering a quality product that has, after 25 years helped me kick the smokes, hopefully forever.

My health, my wallet and I personally thank you.

If you are looking to purchase an e-cig, don't go past eCigForLife!!!  Damien Beeby 




Helped my husband give up smoking, after he tried gum, patches, oral strips etc. Been off the smokes for over a year, and had none of the horrible side effects. Thanks guys! Theresa Lowe 



I have been using ecigforlife for more then 2years ,and I find the team very efficient, helpful and friendly and always available for advice 

I am very happy with the service I am getting from the ecigforlife team I will recommend it to anyone. Redha Brahimi 



A very big thank you to the team at eCigForLife after 20 years of smoking I have now kicked the habit for over 12 months and haven't looked back. Peter and Dan are never too busy to answer any questions. They have a great range of QUALITY Electronic Cigarettes and liquids. My advice to anyone wanting to try to give up try eCigForLife first you wont be sorry I guarantee it. Jamie Snowdon 



The after sales service is second to none, Peter talk me through setting up my e ciggies and was extremely patient with all my dumb questions.

My wife is happy that I no longer have the stink of smoke on my clothes, no ash, no butts in the garden and no weed on the kitchen bench when I roll my smokes. 

As a lover of Port Royal rollies and roasted coffee beans, "Hazelnut Mocha Reserve" is a absolute winner for me. Greg Crestflow 
Stopped smoking over 3 weeks ago, I now just vape I have the eGo one and just love it :) My favourite liquids so far are tabacco zero, licorice, vanilla zero and looking forwards to trying the grind zero. Customer service is fantastic!! I have never dealt with a company so willing to give their time and expertise to make sure the customer is happy and well informed.That alone is well worth coming back for but the quality products also help :) Highly recommend this company and their products. Simone Huckerby 
These guys are amazing!! Service is incredible and the range is out of this world. Their knowledge of their products is phenomenal and aren't in it to upsell or rip you off. They genuinely care about their fellow vapours. Vandi all the way!! Massive shout out to Dan and Peter for looking after me time and time again!
Seany McBeats 
Informative, reliable and good people to deal with explaining the vagaries of the vaping world. Been dealing with them for seven months now as my main source of e-liquid. And generally I am very satisfied. Love the Five Pawns Gambit and Queenside; Zero Vitruvian Lady; and can't wait to try the Lazarus. Benjamin Matthews 
Hello to all ,, having bought many vaporisers and elquids from this vender lm very happy with the service that l received , very high quality elquids , some of the best elquids in the world , for all your needs to get yourself up and going , or if you are already a long term user , this shop has everything you may need , great service , nice people to do business with , highly recommend this vendor. Peter Farmer 
Thanks to Peter at eCigForLife, my husband and I haven't touched a cigarette in 3 years! Don't be afraid to ask for help when venturing into the world of vaping, Peter and his team will guide you, and set you up with the right gear for your needs. With such down to earth, friendly people, who sincerely care, you are in the right hands with these guys. Top quality product is a priority of mine, and so I only buy from eCigForLife. We've been devoted customers for close to 3 years now, if not more, it's been a long time anyway, and we've never had any issues, every order has seamlessly shipped and exceeded the highest of expectations. I never believed my husband could ever quit smoking, and certainly not cold turkey! Vaping is awesome! As far as recommending eliquids goes, my husband would say, go for the extreme ice by Mt.Baker, it gives such a great throat hit, but I am a devoted cinnamon cookies vapor, It's been my go to eliquid for 2 1/2 years. I have recommended these guys to family and friends, all of which are now happy, devoted life long customers. Don't waste another penny on cigarettes, improve your life, it's easy with eCigForLife! Thank You Peter :)) Andrra Long 
Before finding ecigforlife I was ordering electronic cigs and juices from England and America but was never really satisfied with the taste and vape of the liquids or the longevity of the batteries.
Plus I was worried about reports that some liquids and equipment are even worse for you than cigarettes and so was rapt to find ecigforlife who are located only 10mins away from my home and Peter, Dan and Donna are very helpful and also conscientious with their supply of only the best liquids and equipment on the market that I can be assured of is as harmless as can be.
And the equipment performs beautifully and battery life lasts and lasts.
But best of all the liquid flavours they have are FANTASTIC! 
My faves are Castle Long and Absolute Grind.
You pay more but it is well worth it for the quality. Rachelle Black 
Peter, You and your team at ecigforlife are amazing your customer service is exceptional. Price is no limit for quality and the eliquid you provide is THE BEST.. The money i spent on my mod was well worth it.. Yes there are cheap nasty eliquids that probally cause cancer.. yes there are clones claiming to be original that can explode causing health issues. You guys are one of the best. I will continue to buy from you, i will continue to get my gear from you.. which yours is 150% excellent.. i have personally had the pleasure of speaking to peter and his team face to face, any negitive information you read about this company is CRAP.. Peter (Owner) and Dan (Manager) are outstanding and they absolutely know everything to help you select the products needed to get vaping.. Well done Peter YOU AND THE TEAM ARE THE BEST and provide outstanding products and service.. Keep up the great work. I will not only be a long standing customer but over time will become a great friend.. Nick Karapavlou 
I have dealt with both Peter and Dan at Ecig and have found them both to be both knowledgeable and helpful. I recently updated my vape to a new recommended unit and am more than pleased with the beneficial results I received. Customer satisfaction is an obvious priority at Ecig and my experiences from dealing with them to date are more than satisfactory.Michael Owler 
These guys are litterly the bees knees when it comes to electric cigarettes in Australia. Fast reliable and sharp service with a very reasonable price tag. On several occasions I've had calls about the products I've ordered to discus them and also be informed what works well with them such as tanks and juice. 
I was lucky to find eCigForLife the first time I went hunting on the web. It was very fortuitous...and I haven't had a cigarette since (2.5 years now). Partly that's due to the attractions of ecigs over normal cigarettes, but a big part is actually because I found a company that gave me good advice right from the start, guided me through several updates as new technology appeared and always provided the kind of service you dream about getting (but rarely do these days). Heartfelt thanks to all the team (from my partner too!)...you've been a lifesaver and FANTASTIC at supporting me and anyone I recommended to you. Thanks and well done.....Cheers............Peter Walker 
I'm from the u.k where we have shops all over the place that sell electric cigarettes over the counter and you can be provided with all the info needed about them face to face. This website is the next best thing. 

I have been giving this site my custom for over 18 months and got several of my friends onto it also. And will continue doing so for the extended future. 

Much appreciated guys! Keep up the good work. 

Many thanks
Nathan moore 
When I first started my transition from cigarettes to Vaping I had limited knowledge of what I needed to start. I googled suppliers and found ecigforlife, I made a call and was set up with everything I needed at a very reasonable price and found all items to be of very good quality.
I have tried other suppliers as you do out of interest, but I have found that none of them matched the quality, price and extremely fast shipping of ecigforlife.

ecigforlife is my first choice of supplier for all things vaping and I look forward to ordering from them again soon. Michael Griffiths 

Peter has unbelievable customer service. He goes above and beyond and the service doesn't stop once you have paid. He continues to render help and advice. He upgraded me to a better product and also helped with the setup. I would and will recommend him to other ecig friends. Many thanks for all the help. Chris Gazi 


Awesome service. My Evod Mega battery failed on me and eCigForLife was able to post out a pimp-ass new Istick 40 to me before the nicotine withdrawls got too bad. Phew!

Would recommend to anyone in Australia interested in a no-fuss ecig supplier. Josh Billam 


Very impressed with the level of service! Joseph Lahrech 


Hi Peter/Dan Leigh here came and brought my I stick 40w on Tuesday. Was great to meet you guys and you were extremely helpful and provided great customer service