Vape Accessories Australia

Vape Accessories Australia


eCigForLife stocks only the highest quality vape accessories in Australia. Proudly stocking all original equipment manufactured vaping parts and accessories, you can be sure you are getting what you pay for.

eCigForLife do not sell clones or copies as these are known to be potentially harmful. Cheap coils are often made in cheaper Chinese factories and use sub-par materials. This can lead to unintended issues.

At eCigForLife, you know the pods, coils, tanks and atomisers you buy are from the head factory and tested for quality. If quality is what you are looking for, then look no further than eCigForLife for all of your vaping accessory needs.

Stocking only the highest quality vape accessories - You will never receive a clone or copy product from us. We specialise in only the very best vaping accessories.

Coils / Atomisers

Vape coils and atomisers are responsible for heating your vape liquid until it becomes a vapour. Coils, also known as atomisers, are made up of organic cotton wadding and a heating element or wire. 

Once the wire is heated up by your battery, it turns the liquid in the cotton into vapour for you to inhale. If the wire is made of poor quality materials, or the cotton is installed in dirty conditions, you may end up inhaling unwanted substances. 

At eCigForLife, we source only the highest quality coils and atomisers that may cost more than their cheaper counterparts but are made in quality conditions with the highest quality materials. 

 Whether you are buying pods, coils, batteries or tanks, you can be sure you will get an original product at eCigForLife.

Pods / Cartridges

Vape Pods and Cartridges are plastic reservoirs designed to hold your vape liquid. The are used in pod kits.  They often have a coil built in to them, however it is not uncommon to have pods with a replaceable coil. 

One of the benefits of pods are ease of use and the ability to run multiple flavours without having to mix them up together like you would do for a tank set up. 

Pods with a coil built in are popular with most new vapers as they do not require coil changing. For experienced vapers, they may go for a pod that has a removable coil. 

All Pods and Cartridges sold at eCigForLife are original and not clones.  Clones and copied pods and cartridges could leach substances which can be inhaled. They can also be dirty inside as they are made in poor quality environments. 

If you are choosing pods or cartridges for your device, please ensure they are the right one for your device. Call us on 0418316209 and we can assist you.

Call us now to get a one on one consultation to find out which starter kit and vape liquid is right for you. Don’t just wing it, call us now to make sure your vaping journey is successful.


All batteries sold at eCigForLife are all original batteries, not rewrapped clones as is very common in the industry. Rewrapped batteries are certainly cheaper but possibly dangerous. 

Unregulated and rewrapped poor quality batteries could lead to an explosion. At eCigFroLife we take this very seriously and only provide high quality, original battery cells.

Tanks / Clearomisers

When buying a tank or clearomiser it is important to understand the technology. Understanding if the tank is mouth to lung or direct to lung is the very first step to purchasing a tank. 

Secondly, you need to ensure you are purchasing an original tank and not a clone. Clone tanks often look identical and will come in the same box but could be inferior.  

Getting a tank that is not suited to your style of vaping or current device can be very disappointing and a waste of money. To be sure of the technology you are using and the appropriate tank for your setup, please give us a call on 0418316209.