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Posted by Dear Black Note Community on 21st Jul 2018

Dear Black Note Community,

We think the FDA has been spying on us. That's because regulatory changes currently being discussed in the industry just so happen to match the same standards Black Note has been upholding since our inception. These standards include lots of little things that fit into Black Note's bigger picture of only appealing to adult former smokers and no one else.

The vaping crowd is a huge one, but not all people who vape do so for the same reasons. Black Note was created to serve former adult smokers looking for an alternative to smoking, not people who have never smoked who decide they want to start vaping.

We welcome industry changes that align with our existing standards, as our mission all along has been to create a smoke-free world by providing the most authentic and enjoyable alternative to cigarettes. That means we've always avoided certain practices while consistently embracing others.

We've always avoided kid-friendly designs, names, marketing materials and flavors that stir up childhood nostalgia. We've also refrained from using larger bottle sizes with cheaper prices per milliliter of e-juice, which are more attractive to the price-conscious audience.

Black Note has instead consistently put quality over quantity, using time-tested production methods and real tobacco extract. The technology and science we use to produce our natural vaping extract are similar to those used for high-quality wines, or even beer brewing, and far removed from the chemical mixing used for synthetic vaping products.

Our field-tested tobacco experts, agronomists and genetic specialists select cultivar lines of Nicotiana tabacum from around the world, choosing lines known to be responsive to the natural cold extraction process used in our vaping liquids.

Black Note vaping products simulate the traditional cigarette experience and taste - without the tar, chemicals and combustion, thanks to our tobacconist and chief chemist.

We would welcome losing you as a customer - if it meant you stopped smoking and vaping altogether. We wouldn't want to lose you because we don't care about you, but because we DO care about you. We've always said that Black Note is the second-best alternative to smoking. Quitting altogether is the first.

Black Note hopes to help you put down cigarettes, and eventually put down vaping. That's another goal we've always upheld, one we hope the industry turns to, as well. That would mean even more people have joined us on the mission of creating a smoke-free world, and the more the merrier indeed!

Moe Hamade, CEO, North America