How To Identify And Avoid Clones, Copied And Fake E-cigs

How To Identify And Avoid Clones, Copied And Fake E-cigs

Posted by ecigforlife on 14th Jun 2018

Today there is a clone for every e-cigarette in the market. The market is flooded with fake e-cigs and clone products, sold through retail stores or websites.

As the e-cig market is growing, so is the market for fake e-cigs. Essentially, any vaping product you see on our website (which are all originals) are cloned by smaller factories in China and sold as an original.

These factories are taking advantage of big brands and using their labels to sell a much cheaper and unsafe product. All they do is make a product that looks like original the one and market it outright.

The problem - Fake e-cigs are more dangerous than they sound!

The functionality of a clone will nowhere be close to the original one, which is very obvious. People buy these products trusting the brand name but it turns out to be a complete rip-off.

These clones are a blatant copy of original e-cigs and are highly unsafe or dangerous. These clones are manufactured on a shoestring budget and are nowhere close to the vaping experience of original e-cigs. These fake, counterfeit or clone e-cigarettes can blow up and cause fires. Not just that, the coils being made of cheaper wire and cotton can lead to metal gas inhalation.

Not just e-cigs, the market is flooded with fake vaping accessories like mods, tanks, batteries and e-liquids.

What’s the catch? Why people buy clones or fake e-cigs?

Why people put their lives in danger? There are two main situations here:

1.Websites/ Retail stores selling clones

The problem is most of the people don’t even know that they are buying clones. They browse through Google and find the best deal with minimum delivery time and place their order.

These clones are all over the internet and retail stores, proudly selling as originals. In fact, the biggest market for counterfeit vapor products is discount sites, online auction sites and local listings. People fall for low prices/deals and easy availability of these fake e-cigs.

Once the product is sold, the seller doesn’t take any responsibility or provides a refund.

2.Manufacturer selling clones to retailers

This is even worse because in this case the retailer is fooled by the manufacturer to buy fake e-cigs and then further sell it. The packing and even authenticity codes are often blatantly copied. The actual retailer is not aware that their Chinese supplier has sold them clones or copies.

These manufacturers create a demand for clones or counterfeits through these retailers.

Retailers further sell these low-quality copies to unaware people. In short, unknowingly the customers lose money and put their lives in danger.

Fake e-cigs are neither safe nor good!

People think they are buying an original e-cig and expect the same vaping experience as advertised, but they get nothing close to it!

The counterfeit manufacturers don’t bother about the quality of materials used. They can be brilliant at copying the design but they can’t copy the inbuilt features or quality of the original e-cigs.

A clone looks identical and quite often they even have the authenticity codes copied. They are made up of cheap materials and always have a risk of blowing up.

In simple words, fake e-cigs are cheap and unsafe.

Should fake e-cigs be a big concern?

Yes! If you are into vaping and buy e-cigs often- you should be aware of fake e-cigs! It is a big concern for authentic suppliers like us to stop these clones from entering the market.

Fake e-cigs are made to resemble an authentic and original e-cig. They are sold all over the internet and so easily available. Once these clones hit the market, they can easily mislead vaping enthusiasts- especially vaping beginners with no or less vaping knowledge.

According to a number of vaping manufacturers in Australia, the illegal trading of these vaping devices is also on the rise in many developed countries, creating doubtfulness in the vaping community worldwide. According to Reuters International News Agency, China, one of the major manufacturers of some of the  best electronic cigarettes, has about 600 e-cig factories in Shenzhen. But, with so many factories flooding the market, you cannot escape the possibility of smaller companies copying the brand names and manufacturing cloned/fake e-cigs. This situation is  real and extremely concerning.

What are fake e-cigs exactly?

Fake e-cigs are basically imitations of the original products that are made to look genuine from outside. The manufacturers of these cloned e-cigs are too good at making these fake products look exactly like the original. But, they have no idea about the damages these counterfeits can cause to the human body. Fake or cloned e-cigs are substandard products that are low in quality and highly unsafe.

These manufacturers use the cheapest materials that are easily available and sell them at the lowest rates in the market luring people into the deception.

How can you stay away from clones? Ways to identify fake e-cigs or clones

Research is your best friend! Look for the reputed e-cig suppliers like ecigforlife- a trusted name in the e-cig industry.

Here are your two main indicators for choosing a reputed e-cig supplier:

  • They will not shy away from talking to you, they will have a solid customer support with product knowledge. Like, ecigforlife has a call centre which runs for 12 hours every day and helps people find the right alternative to cigarettes.
  • The products they sell will come with some kind of  warranty or return policy. Only if a seller is confident about the product, they have a return policy. Look for refund policy before you buy your vaping products.

There is no point in buying fake e-cigs and then regretting your purchase. The best you can do is avoid getting ripped off by the fake products. Here’s what to check:

#1 Price

The major indicator of a fake e-cig is the price. If the price seems too low or unreal, you are probably getting into a trap. If a vaping product is available for $100 on a trustworthy website and is sold for half the price by a local retail shop or a discount website, it is a red flag. Be very cautious of discount deals, auction websites or classified listings.

#2 Authenticity Code

All original products are assigned a unique identity code which are called authenticity codes. You can check the authenticity code of your e-cig with your manufacturer to find out if the product is original or not. Ideally, if your e-cig is fake, the authenticity code will not check out with the manufacturer. However, unfortunately the clone factories have found a way to copy authenticity codes as well. So, it might not be a full-proof way to decide if a product is an original or a clone. Clones either copy an authenticity code or use a stolen one. So, price is always the best indicator.

What can be the dangers of fake e-cigs?

You need to understand that fake e-cigs may be cheap but they are highly dangerous for you and people around you.

According to Dr Anne Wagner of the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH), they have seen deep third-degree burns due to explosions of low-quality e-cigs. These fake e-cigs have extremely poor batteries and therefore if it malfunctions it can lead to serious injuries like burns on hands, face and even loss of eyesight.

Counterfeits or clones have reported these dangers:

  • They can blow up or cause burns
  • The coils are made of cheaper wire and cotton and can lead to metal gas inhalation
  • They can overheat and burn the e-liquid quickly, resulting in the release of toxins in the body
  • Tend to have coil wires that do not resist the heat and thus users might inhale metallic particles
  • The manufacturer of these fake e-cigs cannot be traced, therefore, if something happens, there are no chances that you would recover your damages.

Apart from the dangers of using fake e-cigs, the major question is the vaping experience and the performance.

As a vaping enthusiast, you would want the best vaping experience. You will not get a good vaping experience with fake vapes. They are extremely low in quality to deliver a fun and enjoyable vaping experience.

Avoid getting trapped by fake e-cig suppliers! Make an informed decision

There is no choice if you have bought a cloned e-cig already. Throw it away and consider it as dead money because using fake e-cigs should never be an option. Avoid buying fake vaping products by choosing reputable and authentic vendors.

We run an online e-cig store from past many years and have seen the fake e-cigs damaging the industry. We never endorse or encourage cheap and fake products. We do not sell clone coils as original coils. We only sell Original Equipment Manufactured O.E.M items thus providing you with the peace of mind you are buying an original product.

When you shop with us, you can be assured that you don't have to worry about the authenticity codes or where the e-cig comes from. As an Australian Online Vaping Store, we are here 24/7 to help guide you to the product best suited to you. We have the best customer team to help you with your vaping needs.

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