Best E Cig Starter Kit in Australia 2020

Best E Cig Starter Kit in Australia 2020

Posted by eCig For Life on 7th May 2020

Whether you’re a vaper looking for an upgrade or you are in the market for your very first kit, it’s good to know what the best kit going around is.

So what is the best e-cig starter kit in Australia in 2020?

Well we’re going to give you 2 answers to that question because there are 2 very different types of vapers out there which have different types of technology available to both. This includes

  • Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping, and
  • Direct to Lung (DTL) vaping

Smoant Pasito

Best Mouth to Lung Vape Kit

Firstly, let’s look at the best e-cig starter kit in Australia 2020 for mouth to lung vapers. Mouth to lung (MTL) vaping involves drawing the vape into your mouth and then inhaling it, mimicking how you’d smoke a cigarette.

Smoant Pasito

The Smoant Pasito is as advanced as it is simple. Sounds like a paradox but it’s true. It is a pod kit with a replaceable coil. Now you would think this makes it more complex to use than another pod system with a built-in coil, but it’s not. We’ll tell you why!

Smoant Pasito Usage & Coil Replacement

In nearly 10 months of selling the Pasito, we have had a lot of time to speak with customers and to use it ourselves. On average, a heavy user could expect to get around 3 months out of 1 coil (that is for the 0.6ohm coil).

This is ground-breaking in the vaping world! Compared to a device where you replace the coil every month, you could save yourself nearly the cost of the device over a year! And compared to kits where you change your coils every week or two, this kit will make you money!

Smoant Pasito Pod

With a super easy fill (just the twist of your mouthpiece) leaving the kit fully intact whilst you fill, and a 3ml capacity, whether you smoke 10 a day or 30 a day, this is perfect for any vaper who prefers mouth to lung (MTL) vaping.

With a sliding airflow adjuster built into the top next to the mouthpiece, customising air resistance has never been so easy. Held in place with a magnet, the coil base at the bottom of the pod has a great seal in place which leads to the next great point.

Super Low Maintenance

Due to the great seal at the coil base and the easy to fill design, this awesome E-Cig is basically leakproof. As a result, it requires little to no maintenance. There really isn’t anything to do other than keep it full.

Variable Power, Not Wattage

Obviously, it is running on voltage but for a lot of people coming off a box mod, instead of worrying about what number to run it on, you just press a button, you get another light and with more lights means more vapour. It’s that simple.

The adjustable power can be increased 5 times or decreased 5 times with a round robin function with a simple press of one button. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced vaper, this is very user friendly and allows how much more or less vapour you get easier than ever.

With 2 coil options, the 0.6 can be run anywhere from 1 to 5 lights. The 1.4 coil prefers to be run at either 1 or 2 lights to keep coil life to a max.

Charging With a C

Yes, charging always starts with a C however most vape kits do not charge with a C. The new C-type charger allows this device to charge faster than any mouth to lung e Cig kits we’ve seen.

With a built in 1100mah battery, this is already enough life to give a 15 a day smoker, all day battery life. With the C-type charger and a charging time of 20-30 minutes, the Pasito can service a 30 a day smoker that has the ability to pop it on charge at some point during the day.

Durable and Light

With a body made of space aluminium and cartridge made of food grade plastic, this baby is light and can handle a drop. It’s small enough to keep in your coin/lighter pocket and light enough you won’t know it’s there.

The cartridge is replaceable with spare cartridges being sold with 2 coils. This means any damage to your cartridge won’t force you to buy an entire kit again but also allows flavour chasers to run multiple flavours in separate cartridges, allowing them to avoid mixing flavours together.

The Best MTL Vape Kit in Australia 2020

So, there you have it guys, what’s not to like about the Smoant Pasito. It’s light, small, charges fast, easy to use, requires no maintenance and has super long coil life. It’s by far one of the best Mouth to Lung (MTL) vape kits you can get in Australia in 2020.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you will be well impressed by this awesome device.

Vaporesso Sky Solo

Best Direct To Lung (DTL) Vape Kits in Australia in 2020

On the other hand, if you’re looking for big clouds then you should consider direct to lung (DTL) vape kits instead. Luckily for you, we’ve sorted out the best direct to lung (DTL) vape kits in Australia in 2020.

Now I could say the best kit is the one with the most bells and whistles. Or I could tell you the best DTL kit is the one that’s most expensive. But I’m not. Why? Because our best-selling kit in the DTL range is also the one that is the easiest to use and, believe it or not, is also the cheapest.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a “cheap” kit. It just happens to be the lowest price point for a DTL kit as it has away with the unnecessary bells and whistles and keeps it simple.

What do I mean by simple. Well, press one button, have a huge puff and blow a big cloud…. Every time.

So which device am I talking about?

Well technically, it’s more of a series than a single device as that is one of the best parts about this product; They made a small and a big version.

Vaporesso Sky Solo & Sky Solo Plus

Yes, technically it’s 2 devices but it’s the same user experience, the same ease of use, the same coil, just a different battery and tank capacity.

So, what’s so good about the Sky Solo Series?

Let’s have a look!

Easy to Set Up & Easy to Fill

From the moment you open the box, you can see how simple to use the Vaporesso Sky Solo or Solo Plus Kit is.

There’s a battery, a glass bulb with a mouthpiece attached and 2 coils.

Put liquid in your coil, screw the coil into the battery, screw the glass on the coil and you’re good to fill it up.

Filling up is great as you just unscrew the mouthpiece. It’s all so simple. Not wattage settings, no airflow adjusting, no tricky to decipher opening mechanism, just simple.

Vaporesso Sky Solo & Sky Solo Plus Coils

The GT Meshed coils are seriously the best coils we have come across for a DTL kit. We’d know, we’re selling the replacement coils! These babies seem to last all day cloud chasers a good month or 100mls of vape liquid. That’s some serious vaping!

Easy to prime and easy to pull, these coils also have great flavour due to the mesh in the coil allowing a wide surface area of cotton to be heated at one time.

Vaporesso Sky Solo & Sky Solo Plus Battery Life

Whether you go for the Sky Solo or the Sky Solo Plus, you are going to get good battery life for the price and size.

The Vaporesso Sky Solo offers a 1400mah battery and for this tiny device, that is a lot of battery life. For the casual or occasional user, a device this small, with this much battery life and all the vapour production of the larger counterpart, is well impressive.

The Sky Solo Plus, the larger of the 2, offers a huge 3000mah battery. That is really an all-day, go for it battery.

Vaporesso Sky Solo & Sky Solo Plus Tank

With a 3.5ml tank in the Sky Solo and a whopping 8ml in the Plus, you have exceptional tank capacity no matter the model. With the easy to fill design, filling is never an issue as you probably won’t have to do it more than once a day.

Best DTL E-Cig in Australia in 2020

So that’s it, the Vaporesso Sky Solo series is by far on the top of the ladder for best DTL kit this year in Australia.

All day battery life, great tank capacity, ease of use and huge clouds are just some of the reasons this kit has made the top of the list.

With a great range of colours too, anyone looking for either their first DTL kit or an addition to their arsenal, will find one to suit their taste.