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Vape Pen Australia

If you are looking for Vape Pens in Australia, look no further than eCigForLife. We stock the best quality vape pens in Australia and supply all of Australia. Vape Pens are a favourite for new vapers as they are lightweight, easy to use and discreet. A vape pen has a rechargeable battery, a liquid reservoir called a tank, clearomizer or sometimes a pod, and a coil. A vape pen is a vape device for light to medium smokers, as they often have smaller batteries and small liquid capacity. The best vape pen for you is one that will give you all day battery life and one that works with your lifestyle. Call us to find out which vape pen is best for you!

 eCigforlife stock only the highest quality vape pens. We supply you with the highest quality batteries, pods and coils that are available worldwide. At eCigForLife we ensure that you have the best vape pen to suit your needs by tailoring the solution to you

How Do Vape Pens Work

Vape pens are a very simple and effective way to vape. They are made up of a rechargeable battery with a power button, a tank for liquid to go into and a heating element called a coil. To vape, the vaper presses the button and draws on it like a cigarette. Once the button is pressed, the battery heats up the coil turning the liquid into vapour. There are many vape pens for sale in Australia and not all vape pens are made of the same high quality components. eCigForLife sources only the highest quality vape pens and offers a consulting service designed to find the best vape pen for you. Call us now to get help on finding the best one for you!

Are Vape Pens Right For Me

Vape pens are great for beginners that smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day or regular vapers that like to have a backup device that is small and discreet. Vape pens give similar vapour to a cigarette and some can be adjusted to increase or decrease the vapour content of each draw. As vape pens are small, they have small liquid capacity and less battery life than their larger counterparts. If you are unsure as to whether a vape pen will be successful for you, please call us now and we can guide you to a product that will be sure to work for you.

 Once we tailor the solution that best suits you, we ship your item the same day and you receive it within 2 days maximum.

Once your goods arrive, give us a call so we can take the time to provide step by step instructions on how to best set up your vape kit and how to best use and maintain it.

This is what sets us apart from the rest.

Why Buy Vape Pens From eCigForLife

At eCigForLife we stock the world’s leading brand of vape pens Australia wide. We do not sell clones and we do not sell devices that are not tested and safe. We understand that there are cheaper options on the market but we believe that providing a premium selection of quality vape pens online and instore, and offering round the clock customer support, is worth every cent. If you choose eCigForLife, you choose quality and support. Vaping at the highest quality is still far cheaper than smoking cigarettes.

Best Vape Pen Australia

The best vape pen in Australia is one that meets your smoking habits and lifestyle. There are so many vape pens for sale in Australia so finding the right one is very important. Getting the best vape pen relies on getting an original and not a clone (We only sell original devices) and one that has specifications to meet you needs. If you are new to vaping, this can be hard to understand simply by looking at a webpage. To help you get the best vape pen, we are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 9am till 9pm and we are here to take your call and guide you to the right vape pen for you. We are more than just a website!

Order Your Premium Quality Vape Pens Online Today

Once you order your vape pen from eCigForLife, we ship your order the same day and it will arrive in 2 days maximum. You can choose to order you vape pen online, over the phone or instore. However you choose to purchase a vape pen, we will guide you through the set up process personally to ensure you understand how to set it up, prime your coils, use your device and properly maintain it. This is a service we offer to vapers who have purchased a vape pen elsewhere as we understand that a lot of vapers miss out on understanding how their vape pen works.

Call us now on 0418316209 to find out if vape pens are right for you or to place an order to be shipped today!